Care for your lawn with healthier, quieter, more efficient equipment

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Electric mowers and other lawn tools can make your yard look great without releasing pollution and unhealthy gases into the atmosphere. That’s because they use electricity to run more efficiently, cleanly, and quietly.

Why do it?

Gas lawn equipment exposes you to dangerous fumes, pollutes the atmosphere, and makes tons of noise. Electric equipment does not.


Anyone who does regular lawn maintenance. 



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Costs and benefits


Avoid exposure to harmful pollutants and noise that can damage your breathing and hearing.


Lawn and garden equipment in the U.S. produces 30 million tons of carbon dioxide ever year — as much as all private cars while idling.


At least $200


Very easy: just buy it, plug it in or charge the battery, and get to work.


More energy efficient, lighter, quieter, and no threats to your health or the air.


Electric mowers are more efficient than gas mowers.

Our Takeaway

Over the course of a year, you will spend $33 on gas if you get a gas mower, and less than $1 if you go electric.

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Why is electric lawn equipment better for my health and the environment?

Gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers emit pollutants that can cause respiratory problems and cancer and also harm the climate. In 2020, these tools emitted 30 million tons of carbon dioxide — about seven times more than an average coal power plant!

While an electric mower has a higher upfront cost, it uses less energy, making it less expensive to operate over time. In general, people start saving money within the first two years of owning an electric mower.

Choose an electric mower by first thinking about how you’ll use it. Corded mowers that plug into a wall outlet can run indefinitely. Battery-powered mowers run long enough to complete most lawns without recharging.

The size of your electric mower will depend on the size of your yard. An electric push mower can handle most residential lawns. If you have a larger than average lawn, you can buy additional battery packs to extend your run time. 

For people who have really large properties or plan to mow multiple yards, an electric riding mower can be a good choice. They are more expensive than push mowers and cost $3,000-$6,500.

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