The future is electric. Lead the way.

Interested in learning how to advance clean energy projects in your community, and to effectively promote an electric switch to policymakers, neighbors, and your loved ones? Free four-week training sessions, powered by Rewiring America & Abode Energy Management, starting in August 2024.

Anyone can become an electric coach

If you’re a community leader, grandparent, teacher, elected representative, real estate professional, or contractor, this comprehensive and interactive course is for you!

  • Are you looking to level-up your electrification knowledge so that you can confidently persuade others to make the switch?

  • Do you want to help your friends, family, and community electrify their homes?

  • Do you want to create an abundant future that isn’t powered by dirty fossil-fuels?

  • Our free Electric Coach certification program is here to help!

4-week cohort-based training / 5 coaching specializations / 8+ hours of live coursework / 15+ hours of supplementary on-demand content / 100+ member community of #ElectrifyEverything leaders

What our electric coaches are saying

“10/10! This course is essential for the decarbonization/electrification of our building stock” Joe, High School Teacher & Nonprofit Executive Director 


Here’s what you’ll learn

Week 1

Who and what is an electric coach? Get oriented to the different types of electric coaches and the foundational “home as a system” concept that guides them.

Week 2

Make sense of how decarbonization & electrification strategies fit together for the whole home, including domestic hot water, cooking, renewables, and energy storage.

Week 3

Dive deep into heat pumps. Learn everything you need to know about this powerful (and efficient) heating and cooling machine, from right-sizing to savings.

Week 4

Where to go from here? Integrate technical know-how and communicate persuasively about the benefits and incentives of electrification. Prepare for your first electric coach consultation! 


What our electric coaches are saying

“Enjoyed the course and gained a better understanding of how technical terms are related and affect one another. Kudos to the team!” —Janice, Corporate Social Responsibility Executive

The movement to electrify everything needs great coaches. (Yes, that’s you.)

  • Enhance your technical electrification knowledge and communication and advocacy tactics.

  • Contribute to our collective commitment towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

  • Be empowered to help others as they transition away from fossil fuels.

What our electric coaches are saying

A neighbor asked me all sorts of questions about heat pumps and decarbonization and it went really well. I pointed her to a lot of the great resources shared online as well as the Rewiring America calculator.  —Greg, Real Estate Agent


Learn from the best

In our Electric Coaching training you will be inspired by fearless leaders, electrification enthusiasts, and most importantly, great humans who are making this world better. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the folks behind our training:

Katy Hill, Lead Designer.

Katy designed Why Electrify, our electrification 101 course, from scratch, and has designed programs for elementary school students, museums, agencies, tech companies, and foreign speakers.

Mike Simons, Lead Trainer.  

Mike has trained BPI auditors, completed countless energy audits, and has spent the last two years training Heat Pump Coaches across New England. 

Brian Lamorte, Advisor.

Brian is an all-electric contractor, clean energy educator and advocate. He is the founder of Lamorte Electric, which installs equipment that helps fight the effects of climate change.

Gaurab Basu, Advisor.

Dr. Basu is a Primary Care Physician and Director of Education and Policy at the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment (Harvard Chan C-CHANGE) at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Join a community in action

Meet some of our certified Electric Coaches who are (em)powering and doing big electric things:


Bob facilitates introductory electrification courses and helps build impactful coach training materials.


Will hosts open houses in his fully-electrified home. He has connected 200+ individuals with how-to electrify materials.


Gene provides heat pump consultations to families & households in his community.


Ben is mobilizing his community to ensure his school district’s $100+M master plan facility upgrade is all-electric. 

If they can do it, so can you!

Free four-week home electrification coaching training powered by Rewiring America & Adobe Energy Management.

About Rewiring America & Abode Energy Management

Rewiring America is the leading electrification nonprofit, focused on electrifying our homes, businesses, and communities. Rewiring develops accessible, actionable data and tools to help accomplish our mission—including courses designed to educate people about the importance and implementation of electrification. Rewiring’s goal is to electrify the country in a matter of decades, and this will require thousands of knowledgeable coaches to advance this knowledge in their communities.

Abode Energy Management is an energy consulting firm driving efficiency improvements for New England’s built environment. Abode is passionate about helping the industry grow through a training-based, collaborative approach. Abode’s collective experience in building performance, renewables, clean energy financing, utility program implementation, community engagement, and workforce development form the foundation that enables them to deliver data-driven results for our partners, clients, and students.

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