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Why Electrify is our new 101 course that breaks down what “electrify everything” means in plain English. In this unique and interactive online course, you’ll learn how electrification helps people save money, builds stronger communities, improves our health, and allows people to take positive, powerful steps to meet our climate goals. If you've heard about “electrify everything” but need more context, or you’re curious to electrify and looking for resources, join us for Why Electrify!

Learn the electrify everything basics

Boost your confidence talking the electrification talk

Access the tools you need to take action today

Meet the Why Electrify experts

In the course youll hear from this electrification dream team, as they explain how electrifying benefits communities, our health, the climate, and the growing clean energy workforce.

Stacey Abrams

Political leader, Senior Counsel to Rewiring America

Gaurab Basu

Physician, Director of Education and Policy at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Saul Griffith

Engineer, Inventor, Co-founder of Rewiring America

Tonya Hicks

Electrician, CEO of Power Solutions, Founder of Women Do Everything LLC

What past students are saying about Why Electrify

That was a marvelous workshop!"

Great intro to the topic. It felt actionable and had a handful of phrases/impressive stats that help people in conversations they will have later.

I really appreciate this course and think it's really valuable to share with folks who are starting out on their electrification journey!

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